Business law specialists

We work exclusively within the field of business law, leading transactions, and offering expert advice and guidance to small medium and large businesses and corporate clients on a wide range of specialist company law, commercial law and finance law related matters.

Our business law client sectors

Clients of Altmore Business Law come from a diverse range of sectors and industries including accelerator finance, agribusiness, banking biotechnology, care, communications, construction, digital marketing, e-commerce, electronics, employment, engineering, environment, events management, financial services, food production, food/ restaurants, health technology, IT, management buy-out, manufacturing, music, professions private equity, personnel, property development, recycling, refinancing, retail, science and technology, security, sports development, SMEs, social media, shareholder relations, start-ups, transport, and doubtless many others.

Because of our track record in wide ranging company legal work, contextual and intrinsic complexity is expected and understood.

Our small group of solicitors act for:

  • Shareholders and owner managers
  • Companies - small, medium, large, listed, international and overseas
  • Entrepreneurs, intermediaries, brokers and “deal makers”
  • Accountants and other solicitors requiring our company law, commercial law or finance law specialist expertise

Complexity or time frame is just never a problem. Whatever the job, we relish the opportunity to deploy our knowledge, experience, energy and utmost effort to deliver results serving your best interests on time and on budget.

Our approach: Why Altmore?

Once you consider what your business legal needs are (and we may be able to assist you to clarify these) you will be wondering whether Altmore Business Law is the law firm best placed to meet those needs.

Altmore’s approach combines seven key service qualities:

  • Close attention to clarification of client needs
  • Application of technical law to achieve commercial ends
  • Retention of up-to-date legal knowledge
  • Deployment of experience and leadership in awkward or difficult commercial situations
  • Engagement with tried and tested associates in the East Midlands and London (legal and other)
  • Provision of ongoing support to clients and development of long term client relationships as required
  • Commitment to enhanced service quality, informed by client feedback

Altmore acts successfully for clients across the UK and beyond.

Our client shareholders were selling a private limited company (a large independent fostering agency) to an Equity backed group and selected Altmore Business Law over larger law firm companies which the client sellers considered overly bureaucratic and managed, and at risk of delegating to junior staff……

For Jane Greenhalgh, one of the sellers, the experience was excellent: We really worked together through the process: Chris Muris got to know our business, which is in a niche market, and was able to really represent our views and wishes. We were aware that our close working relationship felt different and better to that portrayed by the buyers' solicitors (a large corporate firm)….. All in all a very personal and personalised service.

Business lawyers – quality service, competitive fees

With Altmore Business Law you get the background experience of the largest law firms for corporate transactions and tax at a keen price. Our fees do not have to cover the large annual overheads of larger sometimes city based firms. Whether your preferred charging is an hourly rate, a fixed price, or some other variation these savings are considerable.

An hourly rate, fixed fee and overall cost will take into account your requirements and the characteristics of the assignment including:

Characteristic of assignment

Low end of range

High end of range

Monetary or strategic value to you

Routine, day to day


Involvement/ responsibility required of us

Single input, eg conversation

End to end responsibility to execution/ completion


Routine, day to day

Sophisticated/ considerable

Quantity of work amending or negotiating



Deal change

None, straightforward

Significant structural change mid-way


Single input, eg conversation

Many months work

Number of parties impacting on time

One person in your company

Multiple parties and personnel

Please also bear in mind that these factors and client requirements do sometimes change during the assignment. This will affect estimates. A fixed fee will not accommodate a significant deal change.

The hourly rate, always for seasoned lawyers, most often falls within the range £180 - £240 per hour, plus vat and disbursements. A fixed fee might be anywhere between £320 and £32,000.

We are transparent in our charging systems so we will always be clear at the outset of likely costs and the reasons for these. We always flag up any developing scenarios that require more complex or greater inputs and there are never any surprises.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Simon Hunt CEO at explains that Altmore was chosen thanks to its grasp of the contract, reputation and flexible approach to fees adding We’re always wary of lawyers as whilst their expertise is without question, their ability to escalate a fee is legendary. We will default to using Altmore going forward.