Company Law

The firm’s origins and expertise lie deep within the volumes of ever changing company law. Whatever the deal on the table, whatever your instructions, Altmore company solicitors will work closely with you and your accountants/ other professional advisers to achieve the outcome you want.

Commercial Law

When it comes to commercial transactions, it is vital that any agreements are set out in robust and effective legal terms. Unwritten or informally written documents can lead to catastrophe - considerable cost and asset loss. Failing to get excellent business law advice is not worth the risk.

Bank Finance Law

Our task is to negotiate and document the contractual relationship between lenders and borrowers, and to ensure that our clients' best interests are reflected in the detail. It is a hugely technical, ever-evolving and jargon-heavy area of law.

Grantham Company Solicitors

Need a business lawyer in Grantham? Altmore Business Law works with clients in Grantham and throughout the East Midlands. We are a small, well-respected and highly experienced firm with several specialist corporate law solicitors with an office in Oakham, just 35 minutes south on the A1, and in Cambridge.

Altmore Business Law provides personal, responsive and effective help and advice to businesses in and around Grantham. We recognise that business law is complex and extensive, and this is why we work exclusively in this area, advising only in commercial law, bank finance law and company law. We are experts in our field, committed to providing a highly personal and quality driven service.

We work with clients in Grantham and beyond; these come from a wide range of sectors and industries, and include both small businesses and corporate clients.

Our knowledge and track record of company law and commercial law practice has helped many businesses sort out their problems and progress. And our client testimonials attest to this. Whether you are a big or small business in need of career specialist business solicitors, we at Altmore have the answer.

Grantham company lawyers

Businesses requiring corporate solicitors in Grantham should contact us. Our small team of corporate lawyers have a significant track record, often coming from a City of London background with 20+ years’ experience. This makes us well placed to offer highly personalised, expert advice in many specialist areas including:

  • Complex articles of association
  • Contractual reviews, drafting and negotiation
  • Terms and conditions for purchase, sale or supply of goods and services
  • Mergers, acquisitions, sales, disposals and reorganisations
  • Investment and shareholders agreements and options
  • Transaction tax and corporate tax
  • Agency, distributor, franchise, manufacturing and licensing contracts
  • Equity investments and exits for business angels and other investors
  • Refinancing, security, priority and subordination arrangements
  • Joint ventures, partnerships, LLPs and strategic alliances
  • Shares, companies, groups, businesses and assets

Altmore Business Law provides solicitors in Grantham and advises on English law. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority for England and Wales.

Grantham corporate lawyers - quality service, competitive rates

With Altmore, Grantham businesses get the background experience and knowledge of the largest law firms for corporate transactions and tax, but without paying the year-round overheads of a large law firm. Whatever charging basis you choose, we can pass these savings on to you.

Looking for solicitors in Grantham? Please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.