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May we stress that you can call us at anytime to discuss a concern, need or issue and that there is no fee or obligation for such a conversation. We would only want to assist you further if you wanted and needed that and indeed if we are the right people for you, so an initial conversation is helpful all round.

If you do decide you would like Altmore Business Law to support your business need, the Solicitors Regulation Authority requires us to provide a letter of engagement. Among other matters the letter will describe the assignment, set out your arrangement with us regarding fees and incorporate terms of engagement operating for your benefit and ours and we are happy, of course, to answer any questions and to discuss them with you.  

Choice of fee arrangements

We provide detailed information about our fees in the section The firm under the heading Business lawyers – quality service, competitive rates.

Some clients prefer fees to be charged according to time deployed. Here we will provide you with an estimate where possible at the outset and will provide interim reports. Some clients, particularly on larger transactions prefer to instruct us on a fixed fee basis. We are often able to accommodate this.

Altmore is open to agreeing some other fee arrangement with you whilst balancing the commitment both to add significant value and to price competitively. All fees are quoted exclusive of VAT and of disbursements, such as fees for barristers or search fees.

Quality of service

If we can’t treat your work as high priority, we will not take it on. Altmore is dedicated to delivering a highly personal, knowledge-driven, fast and cost effective business legal service.

Continuous feedback

We hope very much that during your time with Altmore you will provide a few minutes of feedback at several points in the assignment to assist the firm constantly to improve its service provision.

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Altmore Business Law has turned around everything we have thrown at it with alacrity, agility and clarity – this always with technical confidence and good humour. When the need has arisen, Altmore has negotiated successfully against much larger law firms. Andrew Miles, Director, The Technology Research Centre Limited

The whole process completed very swiftly and painlessly achieving completion during the Covid lockdown!
Director MultiSeis Programs Ltd

We did contact some bigger more established legal firms but felt their structures were overly bureaucratic and managed, and would result in much of the work being done by a range of junior staff. We liked Altmore’s   approach…………. All in all a very personal and personalised service. Jane Greenhalgh