Commercial law

We have decades of experience re-working and drafting commercial business contracts of all kinds that help businesses become sufficiently legally and commercially resilient and robust to withstand and indeed harness the buffeting of an ever-changing commercial environment. With solid legal infrastructure a company can position itself to turn threats into opportunities.

Simon Hunt CEO at

What was the job? Business critical legal contract with the largest IT distributor in Europe. Dynamics, American lawyer, trying to use German law. Altmore to guide us to a successful speedy conclusion.

Why the particular lawyer or firm chosen? Altmore was known to us through friends and by reputation. Altmore was chosen because the firm offered a flexible approach to its fees which when coupled with their grasp of the contract and reputation made this an easy decision.

What happened? Altmore engaged in a 1 hour “fact find” to orientate, grasped the key areas where the contract was biased in the other side’s favour and negotiated with the other side’s lawyer a swift conclusion. Can’t recommend them highly enough. We will default to using Altmore going forward.

Specialist commercial law solicitors

We work closely with you and your other advisers involved with the instructions to ensure that your business contract position is fully protected by:

  • Imposing clarity (unless ambiguity is required for a political, tactical or strategic reason)
  • Working hard on price, commission and other appropriate business critical provisions such as exclusion and liability limitation clauses
  • Applying suitable jurisdiction and dispute resolution provisions

We will work at the speed you require and negotiate when required, but always in a constructive way to achieve your objectives and to secure continued good relations.

Complexity is never a problem, rather it is often at the heart of the matter and requires confronting to achieve a coherent outcome.

Premier Music International, established in 1922, is one of the world’s leading brands in the design, manufacture, distribution and sale of drums and other percussion instruments. Major names in military, marching, traditional and rock bands use our products as do many symphonic orchestras. During its most recent redevelopment stage, Premier required the skills and expertise of a solid/experienced solicitor to assist in a whole range of legal work, namely: shareholder and LLP agreements; loans and debentures; intellectual property matters; various commercial agreements, i.e. dealer, distribution, endorser, tooling agreements – the list continues to grow. Altmore Business Law was chosen because of location and the personal hands on service offered by a small friendly firm. The good fortune is all ours! Ken Tonkin, owner

We work with both small businesses and corporate clients. Altmore are able to provide advice tailored to you and your business on the following matters:

  • Agency, distributorships, licensing, franchising and manufacturing
  • B2B commercial contracts and deeds of all kinds as required
  • Commission, royalty and revenue agreements
  • Computer contracts, cloud contracts, IT
  • Competition and restrictions
  • Contract law and contract remedies
  • Copyright, trade marks, patents and other IP
  • Data protection, data licensing, GDPR 2018
  • Exclusivity, confidentiality and break fee arrangements
  • Financial services
  • Heads of agreement, HOAs
  • Internet, websites, e-commerce
  • Marketing and social media
  • Memorandums of understanding, MOUs
  • Options and cross options
  • Outsourcing
  • Partnerships and partnership agreements
  • Sale or supply of goods and services
  • Technology agreements
  • Terms and conditions of trade

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