Company Law

The firm’s origins and expertise lie deep within the volumes of ever changing company law. Whatever the deal on the table, whatever your instructions, Altmore Business and Company Law will work closely with you and your accountants/ other professional advisers to achieve the outcome you want.

Commercial Law

When it comes to commercial transactions, it is vital that your structures and business contracts are set out in robust and effective legal terms. Unwritten or informally written business agreements can lead to catastrophe - considerable cost and asset loss. Failing to get excellent business law advice is not worth the risk.

Bank Finance Law

Our task is to negotiate, draft and document the contractual relationship between lenders and borrowers, and to ensure that our clients' best interests are reflected in the detail. It is a hugely technical, ever-evolving and jargon-heavy area of law.

Birmingham Corporate Solicitors

Altmore Business Law, a niche specialist company and commercial firm of solicitors, has operated widely in the Midlands for over 10 years. In our 11th year, 2018, we committed to an office in central Birmingham.  We ceased using this office during the 2020 pandemic and now successfully provide services remotely/ virtually to Birmingham and West Midlands. Nevertheless, if you are looking for an expert corporate solicitor in the City of Birmingham Altmore Business Law is instantly at hand and please read on! 

Our 2-3 specialist company law and commercial law solicitors have many years of experience in corporate law, much of which gained working in the City of London. By using Altmore Business Law you will get the benefit of our expertise and knowledge of senior practitioners without the costs associated with much larger central city premises and staff-count and the worry of delegation to less experienced advisers.  

While acting for you our career specialist company solicitors will lead transactions, draft the necessary contracts and provide holistic expert advice on all aspects of company law, transaction taxes, commercial law and bank finance law. We support our clients at every bump and twist in the road towards your required outcomes. Our expert lawyers work with both smaller businesses and larger corporate clients located within many sectors.

Our highly committed and personal approach will deliver specialist expert advice to your directors, managers and your other external advisers whatever the size of your business. As testimonials disclose we continually lead transactions, negotiate and draft agreements and advise on a wide range of commercial situations falling in the areas of :

Solicitors in Birmingham- quality service, competitive rates

If you are looking for corporate lawyers in Birmingham, please do get in touch with us and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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