Bank finance law

For the benefit of both lender and borrower clients we know what is or may be reasonable or negotiable and what is not. Where there are several competing lenders we provide clarity help find acceptable balances.

  • Bank documents of all kinds
  • Charges and debentures
  • Finance and security structures
  • Financings - asset, acquisition and project
  • Guarantees and indemnities
  • Loan agreements, inter creditor agreements
  • Loan notes
  • Pledges and other possessory rights
  • Priority, ranking and subordination agreements
  • Receivables financing
  • Registration of security interests and instruments
  • Reorganisations, debt rescheduling, exits

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Grantham Fabrication & Profile Services Finance Director, Ian Leggatt, On refinancing we wanted someone with the intelligence and acumen to put together whatever we needed from company, commercial and banking law perspectives. More important still, we needed someone who had the background to do this job properly and well. The job went well, our choice vindicated. We were especially pleased with the clarity of the drafting, having received many impenetrable documents from law firms over the years.

Here For You Hospitality group was refinancing. Patrick Kelly, Director, observed: Altmore managed the process and ensured the transaction was completed properly. The new funders’ lawyers were slow to process documents and often their agreements had inappropriate wording so Altmore had quite a job to ensure everything was satisfactory. Chris Muris did a great job and we would recommend him without reservation. We have used Altmore previously and it is now our preferred commercial law resource.