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Altmore Business Law is a firm of specialist business solicitors based in Oakham, just 20 minutes drive west of Stamford. 

Established in 2007, one of Altmore’s aims is to provide an alternative route to creative, cost effective corporate law services for companies, businesses and owners. Our approach - tailoring the best fit of niche specialists for each business law assignment - continues to work well, as our client testimonials will confirm.

At Altmore’s heart are career specialist company solicitors that lead transactions and provide holistic expert advice in any aspect of company law, transaction tax, commercial law and bank finance law. We provide considerable know-how and experience acquired over many years, often from working in the City of London.

Please do consult with us if, amongst other things, you

  • are selling a company or buying shares in a company
  • are planning the purchase or sale a business
  • require a shareholders agreement or complex articles of association
  • are a private investor using an investment agreement or subscription agreement
  • contemplate a joint venture
  • are involved in a group refinancing or reorganisation
  • require a business contract for a transaction or trade relationship

If you'd like more information, we have provided some business law checklists in our News & Resources section.

With Altmore Business Law, Stamford businesses get the background knowledge, experience and professionalism of the largest law firms from niche specialists who work together continuously. You don’t pay for year round overheads of staffing a large law firm or network.

Whether you chose an hourly rate, a fixed price or some other charging basis, we can pass these savings on to you. If we can’t treat your work as high priority we will not take it on.

If you’re in need of business solicitors in Stamford, please do contact us to discuss your requirements.