Privacy statement

You do not have to give us (ie manually enter) any information to use this website.

We are keen to ensure that when we collect and use information about you we do so in accordance with best data privacy practice.

Use of information

Altmore Business Law will treat all personal information provided to us in the strictest confidence. No details will be passed to any third parties or used for any purposes without the prior authority of those providing the information other than:

a) to comply with money laundering regulations

b)to apply for mandatory professional indemnity insurance

c) to provide to you the services you require from Altmore Business Law and

d) to enable the quality of our services to you to be independently evaluated in the manner describe in “Your views” within the client feed back area of our website

Changing or removing your information

If you would like to change the information we hold about you, or want your information removed from our database, please contact us at


When you visit the Altmore Business Law website it will send your computer a session cookie which contains a unique but anonymous identifier (eg ABLGTE). The website server will create a corresponding but anonymised record of a number of technical details including the IP address of your computer, details of your operating system and the date, time and duration of your visit.

Once your visit to our website has ended the cookie will automatically be deleted. Any technical details retained by the server will be anonymous and will only be used by us on an aggregated basis to evaluate our website and make improvements.

Revisions to this policy

The internet and best data privacy practice are both developing. We must therefore reserve the right to revise this policy at any time. Your use of our website constitutes your acceptance of the terms of this privacy statement, as revised by us from time to time.

You should therefore review this page regularly to ensure that you are aware of any change to this privacy statement.