The Altmore Business Law people

Altmore's people

Chris Muris is the proprietor of Altmore Business Law. After a scholarship at Oxford University and passing solicitors exams, he worked in the City of London to equity partner level and as deputy general counsel in an international FTSE 100 group at the heart of industry. Later, Chris chose rural life over London for family and work/life balance/ community reasons, and because his love of nature and outdoor pursuits have drawn him back there.  His three children attend Oakham School and University.

Chris founded Altmore Business Law as a means of delivering specialist business law services in ways which blend the traditional with the modern and in ways that allow for a flexible and tailored approach for each client assignment.

Flexible business model

We apply the principle “best for job”, drawing upon our associate solicitors and your own preferred lawyers on a job by job basis. We subcontract to other relevant specialists and/or work with professionals instructed directly by you, depending upon your preference.  

Altmore’s associates – “best for job”

Altmore combines with tried, tested and like minded associate solicitors in other specialist legal areas, in firms large or small, that involve:

  • Large commercial real estates
  • Esoteric competition law issues
  • High value intellectual property
  • Tricky employee/ work force situations
  • Tax or accountancy concerns

Specialist support for accountants and other solicitors

Altmore also acts for solicitors requiring reinforcement in the company commercial and banking law spheres, and for business accountants too. We back up the introducing firm’s own client retention objectives and provide non solicitation covenants if wanted.