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When it comes to commercial transactions, it is so important that any agreements are set out in an effective legal agreement. Unwritten or informally written documents are often ambiguous.

While informal agreements may appear attractive in the short term, they can lead to great expense later on as relationships, market conditions or economic backdrops change. We have decades of experience drafting contracts of all kinds that withstand the buffeting of an ever-changing commercial environment.

Altmore are creative experts in commercial law, and we are committed to providing a speedy, cost-effective service to meet your legal needs.

Commercial Solicitors

Our career specialist commercial law solicitors work closely with you and your other advisers involved with the instructions to ensure that your position is fully protected by:

  • Imposing clarity (unless ambiguity is required for a political, tactical or strategic reason)
  • Working hard on price, commission and other clauses containing rights including exclusion and liability limitation clauses as appropriate
  • Applying suitable jurisdiction and dispute resolution provisions, especially if international

We will work at the speed you require and negotiate when required, but always in a constructive way to achieve your objectives and to secure continued good relations. Complexity is never a problem.

Commercial law specialists

Commercial law is a highly specialised field, and we recognise the need for a personalised, targeted service. Our commercial solicitors have many years’ experience between them, much of which was gained in the City of London. We work with both small businesses and corporate clients, and so we are able to provide advice tailored to you and your business on the following matters:

  • Partnerships
  • Partnership agreements and break ups
  • Commercial contracts or deeds of all kinds
  • Memorandums of understanding, heads agreement, exclusivity, confidentiality and break fee arrangements
  • Sale or supply of goods and services
  • Agency, distributor, franchise and manufacturing
  • Computer contracts and licensing
  • Copyright, trade marks and other intellectual properties
  • Competition and restrictions
  • Options and cross options
  • Any other business deed or contract, as required
  • Contract law and contract remedies

Intellectual property

When you have received an intellectual property valuation, you will need to hire an intellectual property solicitor and have a strong intellectual property agreement or contractual framework drawn up. Although not primarily an intellectual property law firm, we will continue to take on corporate assignments requiring portfolio intellectual property advice and will endeavour to sort out each intellectual property issue that presents.

We work with the client’s own - or will recommend - agents for trade mark registration in the UK and worldwide.

Commercial law solicitors - quality service, competitive rates

With Altmore, you get the background experience of the largest law firms for commercial transactions, but without paying the year-round overheads of staffing a large law firm located in a city. Whether you choose an hourly rate fee, a fixed price or some other charging basis, we can pass these savings to you. With Altmore you get a high quality service for a highly competitive price.

Commercial law information

We have used our expertise in the field of commercial law to produce commercial law checklists in our News & Resources section for your use. These lay out the questions you need to consider when undertaking a commercial transaction. 

You can see our commitment to our clients in our case study based testimonials.

If you would like to speak to one of our commercial law solicitors, please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.