Business law checklists


Here we set out questions that typically arise in relation to company sales, company acquisitions, business sales, business purchases, partnerships, joint ventures and shareholder agreements, and partnership disputes and shareholder disputes.

The checklists are not exhaustive and particular questions in addition to these will arise according to the proposal or problem.

Sale or purchase

Sale of company or group, purchase of company or group, sale of business, purchase of business.

Acquisition finance

The acquiror will check not only the terms of additional funds for the acquisition but also the terms of its exisiting credit lines and those of the target company, and available security.

Joint venture agreements

Establishing/ settling partnerships, joint ventures and shareholder agreements.

Voting rights

The Companies Act 2006 provides rights to members according to the size of shareholding: it is against this background that shareholder, investment and joint venture agreements are drawn up altering or enhancing according to the size of shareholdings, and who holds them. 


Partnership and shareholder disputes involving partnerships at law, partnership agreements, articles of association, shareholders agreements and joint venture agreements.

Divorce or separation - protecting the family business

Spouses, civil partners and family partners are all aware of the added complexities of a divorce or separation when they co own a business. 

What sort of share or other security works best?

Ordinary or class of ordinary, preferred, deferred, preference, convertible, option, warrant, share or debt security or instrument - what is it to be?  This depends on your investment objectives and what the company is willing to create and issue to you.

Trading lawfully while insolvent - checklist for directors

How to trade away from or out of insolvency without necessarily falling foul of the Insolvency Act 1986.

Location of corporate residence for UK tax purposes

How to manage and control a company within an international group so to fall into or avoid the UK tax net.

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